Refund Policy

QDONOW believes in user satisfaction that’s why we provide refund in Pre as well as Post-delivery of the Custom product/services. But not in any condition Qdonow is bound to refund. However the refund policy may vary in accordance with the non-discloser agreement (NDA) between the user and Qdonow.

No refund

Qdonow do not refund any to the user

  1. if user at any stage does not comply with the terms and conditions.
  2. For the premade wordpress/blogger/blog/site template or theme or design purchase.
  3. For instant download or digital products and services.

Pre/Post delivery refund

This category applicable only to the custom work and custom services, not available as instant and pre-formed download. Before final delivery, user can ask for refund of the order at the following conditions only.

  1. If user placed the order accidently (*in this condition, user can ask for refund of maximum 95% of order money within 24 hours after the payment time duration only).
  2. If user is not satisfied with the product/service of Qdonow (*in this condition, the decision to refund the order money to the user is solely depends on the Qdonow).