As a blogger, it is essential to know about the CMS that you are using. If you are looking for a newbie friendly place to learn WordPress then you are in the right place.

Most of the bloggers are not well informed about their blog’s CMS and that’s why to fail to operate at critical conditions and to solve the smaller issues by themselves. As a result of their webmaster or website maintenance cost increase.

In this article, we have listed some of the best learning sites to learn WordPress. We have listed only those site that we have personally used and become an avid fan of there content.



If you are a beginner or new to WordPress then Treehouse is just meant for you. Treehouse is beginner friendly. They have designed each program as the path where their instructor teaches the program with as simple as the possible approach.

Treehouse is quite different from other learning sites as they don’t believe in multiple courses on the same topic by multiple instructors. Instead, they pick only one instructor for each course. This approach shows that treehouse is dedicated to quality driven learning site.



If you are a designer, painter, writer, blogger, creatives and logo designer then Skillshare may be the best choice for you. Skillshare is skill sharing platform. If you are an instructor then you can upload your course and if you are a learner this is one of the best places to learn from industries top professionals and influencers.

Their approach is quite similar to Pluralsight. But the key difference between both of them is that Skillshare’s most of the instructors are professional designers and influencers and it is beginner friendly.




If you are an intermediate WordPress developer and to level up your knowledge then Pluralsight is just meant for you. Pluralsight is one of the great learning platforms as it provides course from beginner to advance.

Pluralsight is trusted by most of the tech industry to train their employees. Also, their path selector helps a lot to go from initial to advanced level.


Our Pick:

We feel Treehouse is a great resource for the beginners as they make courses with keeping in mind about beginners. It makes the WordPress easy to learn.

And if you want to take your WordPress skills to the next level then we feel Pluralsight is a great choice.

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