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Attracting and keeping top tech talent has become a challenge these days. More companies are providing exceptional salaries and great perks to catch tech professionals’ attention. Tech professionals know they are in-demand, and their requirements are increasing as days pass. If you’re struggling to become an eye-catching employer, here are some unexpected ways to innovate your strategies and remain in the competition.

Use Digital Channels to Approach Potential Candidates

Nowadays, tech workers use digital platforms like LinkedIn and Upwork to look for new jobs. Don’t hesitate to use them to find the right candidate. By using LinkedIn, you’ll find potential candidates easily. LinkedIn’s website uses machine learning algorithms to provide suggestions based on your connection. In that case, you’ll save time in the searching process.

Also, LinkedIn allows job seekers to build profiles that can be reviewed by employers. As a result, you’ll see if they’re the right match for the job. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a web designer or a digital marketer, you should consider using Instagram. They often use their Instagram profile as a portfolio, and you’ll see their actual abilities. If you want to be trustworthy, you should be more personal but still professional. This will help you to make them feel engaged.  

Build a Learning Culture

Fresh graduates only think about learning, learning, and learning. If you want to attract tech professionals’ attention, you should make your company a great place to learn. For tech workers, updating and upgrading their skills is indispensable. Otherwise, they can be left behind. For example, a web developer needs to build websites that can make customers feel delighted. And to get the job done, they need to use the latest JS framework. 

Customers’ requirements are increasing as days pass, and they’re now more concerned about the experience they have. If you don’t let your employees learn in-demand programming tools, you won’t be able to meet customers’ needs. A great way to help them learn is by providing on-site or online courses. Don’t forget that, during the pandemic, many have needed to learn from home. 

Make the Workplace Fun

To make your workers feel comfortable, you must let them have some fun. Be sincere with yourself, who likes to be in a place where “I am bored” is the most popular phrase? Make on-site events to let your workers build relationships. Overwork can have adverse effects on your employees’ health, and they won’t perform well.

The salary of a Google software engineer is, on average, $132,000 per year. They indeed feel comfortable with their pay. But, what makes them love their job is Google’s work environment. If you want to keep top tech talent, promote positivism, and create a good work environment, give short pep talks to help workers find the motivation they need to provide better results. When workers keep a good mood, they work harder to achieve your company’s goals. On the contrary, if they feel frustrated, they won’t stay focused, and you won’t get what you need.

Make Your Company the Best Place to Grow

Today’s tech workers look for a job that helps them grow over time. If you’re willing to improve your employee attraction strategies, you have to provide growth opportunities. Let tech workers get a promotion when they deserve it. When they know their job provides them with something more than a salary, they’ll do everything they can to meet your demands.

Promote teamwork. It’s an excellent way to help your workers grow professionally. During projects, most tech employees have to work with other professionals. Consequently, they can develop not only their hard skills but also their soft skills.

Involve Your Tech Team in the Hiring Process

Allowing tech workers to do interviews is an excellent way to attract top talent. When potential hirings know they can speak tech, they’ll show off, and you’ll know their actual abilities. Also, tech workers know what it takes to get the job done. For that reason, they’ll make the right decision when hiring new employees.

To improve your employee attraction strategies, you can give tech workers incentives. Tell them to look for potential hirings, and let them know they will be rewarded. As they’ll be motivated to search for new applicants, finding the right candidate will be less time-consuming. 

Engage with the Community

Engaging with local communities is an excellent way to build a culture of giving. Younger tech generations are looking for companies that align with larger social problems. Give local hospitals a hand, and schedule visits to make patients feel special. You can give them gifts or even make small events to allow them to have some fun.

No matter if your efforts involve hosting a coding session or volunteering at a soup kitchen. As long as you can help people, you’ll achieve the goal. Engaging with the community makes work emotional and allows employees to build passion. 

Go the Extra Mile

To stand out from the competition, you’ll have to implement new and better strategies. Going the extra mile is a great way to retain and attract top tech employees. The experience they have in the workplace is indeed important. But, you can be more personal and let them know you’re there to support them. Invite workers for dinner or a BBQ at your home. They will know that not everything is about work, and you will make them feel unique.

When making important decisions, ask for their opinion. This will help you to demonstrate how valuable they are. Providing positive feedback and expressing your gratitude in public will also help you make them feel special. 


Generally speaking, becoming an attractive employer requires significant efforts. But, following these tips will make your job much more comfortable. Tech workers know they’re valuable, and if you want to convince them, you must give them what they need. Update and innovate your strategies regularly. Remember that the competition is getting tougher, and traditional techniques are no longer effective. 


This is a guest post by Artur Meyster, CTO of the Y Combinator backed startup Career Karma, and founder of Breaking Into Startups Podcast.