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The user-centric products need to align with the user expectations and for that, they need to collect user feedback at all stages to minimize the deviation from the goal and to produce a user-centric product to provide a better user experience.

Feedback at the early stage helps businesses to modify their product to meet user expectations. Early-stage feedback prevents businesses to go in the wrong direction and waste money in the process.

It is also important to understand the reasons behind user interactions. Like, why are people clicking on buy but not finishing their purchase? Why people are not upgrading the plan? Why people are not using some of the features? Why are people canceling their accounts?

In this article, we’ll try to answer all the questions associated with customer feedback. From what do you mean by customer feedback to what are the tools that you can use to collect customer feedback effectively?

What is User feedback and why it is important?

User feedback is the process of collecting insights about the user’s thoughts and emotions about your product and business. It is a way of collecting exactly what users like about your product, and what satisfies or dissatisfies them.

It is a great way to understand user expectations, behavior, and the sections that need improvement. User feedback is relevant at the early stages as well as at the later stages.

This feedback guides you to improve your product and better the customer experience and solve the bottlenecks.

How to collect User Feedback?

You can collect user feedback from your customers in many ways like

  1. Feedback forms
  2. Surveys
  3. Live chat
  4. Reach out directly
  5. Social media outreach
  6. In-app User feedback forms
  7. Incentivized feedback
  8. Quantitative feedback by tracking user journey

Best tools to collect User Feedback

Forms — Typeform, google form

Popup — Mouseflow

Email survey — Typeform, Surveysparrow, Surveymonkey

Social media — Twitter polls, Linkedin polls

In-app feedback — Qualtrics

Live chat — Intercom, Crisp

Feedback Widgets — SurveySparrow

Quantitative feedback — Mouseflow


User feedback is the most effective way to gain insights and understand user experience and modify your product as per the user expectations.

But feedback collection is not enough, you need to take action to implement changes as per the feedback to make your product more aligned and suitable for the user.