If you are looking for a solution to efficiently handle your blog and spend more time on writing and building your blogging career then this article is just meant for you. We have listed some of the most popular Zapier zaps for the professional bloggers like you.

Handling a blog is not a piece of cake, especially if you are an influencer. Each and every day thousands of followers expect you to publish new content and keeping up with their expectations is really hard. On every day you just not need to write but also handle social media, website,  monetization, collaborations and contact requests.

On an average, a professional blogger uses around 10-20 apps and platforms to handle their every day blogging needs. It includes social media, cms, payment gateway, content research, SEO, collaboration, user contact, monetization and email marketing.

Handling all these as a solopreneur may burn your valuable time, reduce efficiency and affect your blogging career.  In this article, we have tried to solve this issue by automation.

We have listed some of the most popular Zapier zaps used by professional bloggers and influencers.

Evernote to WordPress

During the research and drafting the post, most of the bloggers write in there Evernote notebook and then post that content on their blog. Using this zip you can automate the process.

To successfully automate the process, we recommend you to use the tags to trigger the zap. That means when you are working on the draft, tag the entry as “working” and when you are ready to publish the draft then re-tag the entry with “publish”.


RSS to Buffer

When Zapier sweeps your blog’s RSS feed and detects a newly published post, it automatically sent to buffer. You can control the buffer account queue and publish behavior directly from the zap.

or you can use individual zaps to publish on social media as listed below.


RSS to Google Sheets

When Zapier sweeps the RSS feed and detects a newly published post, the zap auto-creates a new entry in a Google Sheets that serves as your content archive.

Cross-linking of posts has a number of SEO benefits, and it makes your readers aware of your other relevant posts. But manually searching through your old posts to find that one you want to refer to your new post is frustrating and time-consuming.

Using this zap you can easily locate old posts and their URLs from your sheets file.


Stripe, PayPal to Convertkit

When you receive a payment on Stripe or PayPal, Zapier trigger the zap to add the buyer to convertkit sequence or tag. You can also use the filter to separate the buyers to general transactions.

This zap is very beneficial for the online sellers and freelancers. By this zap, you can automatically add the new buyers to convertkit newsletter sequence.


Contact form to Trello

When Zapier detects the new form submission, a separate zap creates a new card in Trello and assigns it to your team’s member.

Here we are taking the example of Typeform to Trello. Using Typeform you can accept guest posts as well as you can use it as contact form or order form.


Our View

We feel zapier is a great tool to automate your work so that you can concentrate on blogging and content creation. There are of thousand of zap that you can use or even create.

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