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When you need to collect information or gather feedback, there’s nothing better than a form. Whether you want to put a contact form on your blog, conduct an online survey with your subscribers, or receive order details, online form builder makes it easy to create appealing forms to start collecting information from people.

What are the best online free form builders?

There are lots of powerful online form builders through which anyone can build beautiful forms and can easily integrate with their website even without any coding skills.

In this article, we have listed some of the best online form builders.



Typeform is an online form builder tool that makes your form stand out from all the rest with its beautiful and seamless user experiences. With typeform you can make responsive form who can work on all devices, you can even collect payments through it as it gets easily integrate with the stripe.

Typeform generated form takes the standard form on next level with its semi-bot style form interaction. The paid versions have more powerful features including white-list domain feature, file upload etc.

Google Forms


Google Forms is one of the most popular online form builder tools as it is easy to use and absolutely free. You can use it for everything including event registrations, quick polls or email newsletter subscription forms. You can include all types of input fields including drop-down options, multiple choice, checkboxes or text fields.

Despite tons of features, Google forms lack some essential features like logic and electronic signature widget or add-on. However, users can add electronic signatures to Google Forms by using different e-signature widgets that can be embedded into forms.



Wufoo is another amazing online form builder tool with tons of features. It offers 400 forms templates to choose from which you can either share via a Wufoo link or embed on your own site.

Besides the seamless experience, Wufoo also gives the flexibility to create custom rules, so that user can create form login for their form questions.



If you’re looking for an easy and lightning-fast form builder and not require it to look good then Jotform is an excellent choice. Also, you can choose from design from there templates and theme library. The theme store has some elegant premium designs which you can buy for your form.

Ninja Forms


If you have a WordPress website and wanted to add a form to it, Ninja forms are just meant for you. Ninja Forms is a free drag-and-drop form builder WordPress plugin.

You can build forms and manage submissions right from your WordPress dashboard. It has all possible input features but lacks some essential features like custom rules etc.


WPForm is another WordPress form builder. It is quite powerful and user-friendly and has features like Drag & Drop form builder, conditional logic, instant notifications, entry management, and spam protection, etc.

Our Pick:

We feel Typeform is an awesome form builder with tons of features and has the best user experience as compared to other form builder tools. It clearly surpasses all other tools in terms of features, flexibility, and looks.

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