A WordPress Theme for Content Curation and Curated Directory.

Eposo is a minimal wordpress theme specially designed to make hand-picked resources, tools and products library and curated directory. Loaded with exclusive features that you can hardly find on other content curation themes.


Essential sections of the theme described below

1. Header menu section. 2. Hero section.

feature image

3. Home Widget section.

feature image

4. Category name. 5. Libraries. 6. Category filter.

feature image

7. Copyright section. 8. Footer menu.

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9. Library name and description 10. Social media share bittons 11. Sidebar section. You can use sidebar section as similar to any other wordpress theme. 12. Item section. There are 6 main sections in an item card - image, title, description, tags, upvote button. Click here to learn more about the upvote feature. 13. Filter buttons.

feature image

14. Social widget. 15. Submission form button.

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What are the other features that theme has?

Eposo wordpress theme has a list of features like Shortcode, native ad slots, IP-based upvote feature, responsive design, tag based filters, you can use an image link as well as upload new and you can also reuse items as it has seperate item directory.

How does the UPVOTE feature work?

Eposo has IP based UPVOTE feature that prevents multiple upvotes on a single item card by a single visitor.

How does the item/tool ranking work?

(Optional) Ranking of tools depends on visitor's response in terms of UPVOTE.

How does the item directory work?

When you add an item to the item directory, you will get a unique item code. You need to copy and paste the item code on the library list. The best thing is that you can reuse the item listing as the upvote counting depends on the library listing and not on the item listing.

How to customize the Eposo wordpress theme?

You can customize the theme using wordpress theme customiser. Or you can contact us any time for help!

What is the difference between Personalized and customized?

The basic difference is that in personalized we add your branding, tweaks some sections and features in the default theme design as per your requirements and make it ready to use and also set it up on your sever (optional). Whereas in customized, we make a custom front-end and add custom features on the main theme as per your requirements.

What if I need some help?

Whenever you need our help, feel free to contact us.